Internet-connected devices, from wireless phones to vehicles and household appliances, are increasingly becoming a part of our everyday world. Analysts predict there will be over 20.8 billion connected things in use worldwide by the year 2020. With the influx of devices and data, new generations of wireless connection, like 5G networks, are needed to keep things running smoothly.

5G technology means faster, more reliable internet connectivity and massive data communication. As the field of healthcare continues to head toward a completely digital environment, 5G networks have the potential to radically transform the healthcare industry. Here are a few of the most exciting examples of that fact: 

Remote Healthcare Made Easy

5G technology will provide the opportunity for remote healthcare. These networks can connect doctors and patients from anywhere in the world, decreasing the need for in-patient care. Patients who are typically unable to access health care providers will be able to receive consultations and treatment from doctors across the globe.

Phone applications and other technology can help patients send photos and information to doctors using the internet, and doctors can monitor a patient’s symptoms, blood-pressure, and other important data remotely and without delay. In short, 5G networks will increase access to healthcare, which will improve patient care and save lives.

Patient Participation in Big Data Collection

5G networks will allow healthcare organizations to analyze the ever-increasing volume of big data available to them. Patients can use applications, fitness trackers, and other technology to transmit data to healthcare providers. Data collected from these and other methods can be analyzed to help health care professionals better understand diseases, make accurate diagnoses and treatment plans, and predict and prevent patient conditions before they occur. Big Data analytics available through 5G technology will revolutionize research and treatment options through continuous monitoring, predictive analytics, and other tools.

Seamless Collaboration Between Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations and professionals will be able to have seamless communication and collaboration thanks to reliable 5G networks. Doctors who need help or input from other professionals can instantly send a patient’s scans and other medical records to any professional across the globe. If a patient needs medical care while on vacation, their healthcare provider can send vital information that can be accessed immediately to a different hospital or organization. 5G networks will help organizations share information more efficiently.

Increased Efficiency

5G networks allow for greater efficiency within the healthcare sector. Network slicing technology available with 5G technology can maximize an organization’s efficiency by creating multiple virtual networks dedicated to a specific service or device. Organizations will be better equipped to make more accurate diagnoses and solutions, saving them time and money. 5G technology can handle large volumes of data in seconds, which allows for faster data-sharing, analysis, and communication. 5G technology will decrease provider costs, make healthcare organizations more cost-efficient.

New Cyber Security Challenges

Considering 5G technology is supposed to be mainstream by 2020, it is more important than ever for healthcare organizations to begin to lay the foundation for data security. Healthcare organizations need to make sure they remain HIPAA compliant and have measures in place to protect patient data and medical records. Unsure of whether or not your hospital, clinic, or practice is doing everything it needs to in order to prepare for this important upcoming challenge? Enlist the help of EnviroMerica to help ensure your healthcare organization maintains best practices as the healthcare industry becomes increasingly digital.

For more information on Cyber Security in healthcare, visit Enviromerica. We can ensure that you receive the best advice for optimizing your healthcare practice.

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