What would you do in these situations?

Real incidents that happened to our clients

A surprise visit by a Cal OSHA inspector leads to an attempt to visit the local courthouse, obtain a warrant, and be assisted by the Sheriff’s Department to serve the warrant.

Read about what happened and how to prepare for it

The county’s environmental health services department showed up for an inspection, which was caused by someone noticing bloody gauzes and several vials of medication in the  medical building’s regular garbage dumpster, which was shared by all.

How can you prevent this situation based on best practices?

A local dentist in California was giving a patient an anesthetic injection when something flew into the patient’s eyes. Patient moved his head as an uncontrolled reflex and the needle came out of the patient’s mouth and stabbed the doctor in her thumb.

How would you handle this?  View a sample Policies Manual.

A local dentist had installed his compressor and vacuum system on the roof of his small office due to lack of space, which had a small opening.  The new Dental Assistant climbs up on the roof and on, her way down,  gets stuck in the small opening and had to be rescued by the fire department.

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After filling a prescription, the staff member talks to her best friend about the patient’s name, the physical therapy and psychological evaluation. Little did she know, her best friend was this patient’s son’s ex girlfriend, and they also had a child together.

Read about what happened and the important takeaways

A brand new dental assistant tries to pour one bottle of old X-Ray solution into another, without using a funnel. so she spills the material on the lab floor. Being nervous and embarrassed, she grabs paper towels and starts wiping this hazardous material from the floor without any gloves, mask, or eye protection.

What are the important takeaways from this situation?

A local surgery practice with 8 surgeons had too many inactive charts and needed to find additional space for storage, so they bought several storage sheds behind their building.  The sheds were locked with a padlock, but someone pulled up a truck and stole thousands of charts from the sheds in the middle of the night.

Are you prepared to deal with that type of liability?  Learn more!

A local dentist had her server stolen recently from her office.  The doctor’s inaction resulted in a major breach incident and an inspection by the Office of Civil Rights. Potential penalties are estimated at over $150,000 for this major breach (over 500 patient records are compromised).

How can you proactively address cybersecurity issues?



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