If you’re looking to hire a medical waste management company, or seeking training for your staff, you need to do your due diligence. This isn’t the type of thing where you just get a few quotes and select the lowest one.

As a medical business, you have a lot to lose. Your reputation is at stake, but most importantly, you’re probably worried about the safety of your staff and patients.

When looking to partner with a new medical waste management service or training company, here are 4 questions you always want to ask.

Are they following and abiding by the law?
It is of paramount importance to make sure that the services of the medical waste management company you will hire is well-versed with the rules and regulations of waste management best practices. The last thing you want is a waste management company that either bends or breaks rules for the sake of their own business growth. This could put your brand in jeopardy and your staff at health risks. At the end of the day, whatever they do, it becomes your responsibility.

Is the company experienced?
Another thing you want to find out is how long the company has been around. Are they brand new, or have they been operating for the last decade? This is crucial in determining the strength and capacity of the waste management company. The more experience they have, the more confidence you can have in their services. Plus, you can be sure they’ll be around to meet their commitments to you and they likely have plenty of happy customers you can talk to as well.

With experience comes exposure to different working environments and jobs, which helps increase the company’s understanding and knowledge of the risks and potential variables to consider.

Will the company always be accessible?
Even if you only hired the company for a single project or training session, it’s important they will accessible to you in the future. You may have questions, or have an emergency need that requires someone who already knows your business. You do not want a waste management company that takes several days or weeks to answer your email. You need someone who will remain ready to serve, even after the initial job is done.

Are the services of the company professional?
Professionalism is key when you’re inviting service providers into your place of business. The people you hire may have contact with your patients, customers, and staff. Seemingly small things like ensuring all members of the team are dressed professionally in a branded uniform can go a long way. You want to ensure anyone coming into your office is polite, friendly, and looks like they belong there. This is one of those things that is often overlooked until it’s too late, and you’ve got a disheveled, grumpy person in your office. Sure, they’re doing their job, but it’s raised some eyebrows.

Waste generated from industrial and healthcare practices can be in any of the three states of matter – solid, liquid or gas. Each of these states has their distinctive mode of disposal and management. If not properly handled by highly-skilled and experienced personnel, the waste can pose a danger to both staff and patients and have a degrading effect on the ecosystem.

Hiring the right waste management company will ensure a sustainable and conducive working environment for your business, and everyone around you.

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