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Waste Management


EnviroMerica® makes medical waste management and compliance easy. Medical waste handling, disposal, and regulatory compliance is one of the medical industry’s most challenging hurdles. EnviroMerica’s environmentally-friendly methods of medical waste management and compliance training make it easy for all healthcare providers to remain compliant and manage their medical waste. Our aim is to remove the complexity of medical waste management.

With EnviroMerica’s affordable EnviroSafe™ programs, California businesses that generate medical waste can choose between safe waste management pick-up and disposal and online or onsite compliance consulting. We offer live, online, and on-demand training, as well as inspections. Your mix of services will be customized to your organization’s unique set of needs.

EnviroMerica has been providing California with the highest-quality waste management compliance consulting and training in the healthcare industry since 1999. Now, over 16 years later, thousands of medical and dental practices rely on us to become and remain compliant. In 2009, we expanded to provide medical waste transportation and disposal services with the same high standards we’ve always been known for.

While serving local and state facilities like physician and dental offices, laboratories, surgical centers, hospitals, and government agencies with our four EnviroSafe programs, we continue to ensure each of our clients remain compliant with the heavily-regulated medical waste disposal laws. Most importantly, we ensure the safety of our community and the environment with a caring approach to the management of medical waste.

Here at EnviroMerica, we don’t just remove medical waste – we remove the complexity from medical waste management. Please contact us for a no-cost evaluation. We look forward to simplifying your business!


  • Regulated Medical waste (Sharps/Red bags)
  • Pathological/Microbiological waste
  • Lab Chemicals
  • X-Ray waste
  • Amalgam waste
  • Pharmaceuticals waste
  • Chemotherapy waste
  • Universal Waste

Medical Waste Programs

Healthcare providers can choose an affordable Envirosafe™ program that fits their needs

EnviroMerica® simplifies compliance and waste management for the healthcare industry. With our affordable EnviroSafe™ programs, health care providers can choose their own perfect mix of services for their compliance and medical waste management needs. We offer inspection protection services, waste management pick-up and disposal, online and onsite compliance consulting, plus live, online, and on-demand training.

EnviroSafe W

Waste Management

  • Medical Waste Pickups and Disposal
  • Manifests & Tracking Documents
  • Customized Service Frequencies
  • Flat Monthly Subscription Fee

EnviroSafe C


  • Secure Access to Online Portal
  • Complete OSHA manual
  • Complete SDS manual
  • Required signs and posters
  • Bloodborne pathogens training
  • Access to online video library
  • 24/7 telephone support

EnviroSafe PLUS

Waste Management & Compliance

  • All features of EnviroSafe W
  • All features of EnviroSafe C
  • Flat Monthly Subscription Fee
  • Access to online video library
  • 24/7 telephone support


Waste Management, Compliance & Live Training

  • Annual onsite consultant
  • Live training with CE credits*
  • Guaranteed protection against fines and penalties (details)
  • All features of EnviroSafe PLUS
  • Access to online video library
  • 24/7 telephone support