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The Importance of Data Health in Healthcare

ENVIROMERICA_The_Importance_Of_Data_HealthImagine your healthcare company has its annual fundraiser.  It’s likely that your fundraiser event includes repeat donors, board members, community leaders, your medical staff and volunteers, and lots of company advocates. This may be the first fundraiser for some people but for others it is probably a yearly thing.

You have a silent auction in action.  Food and drinks are circulating. Music is playing.  The ambience is magical. Board members are working the crowd and conversing. Verbal promises are taking place.  It’s quite the event!

Next, imagine that the lights go out.  Without access to all of the handwritten data there’s no way to manage or follow through on the silent auction. Without relying on the memory of individual board members, there’s no way to quickly collect donations. Most of the people in the room wouldn’t donate without the personal connections, conversations, and experiences of the event.

So what does this mean for our bottom line? This annual fundraiser probably saw the lowest return in your organization’s history.  You lost money, actually. The actions, conversations, promises and even feelings that occur in that room are data points and but they need to be seen.

Digital data is very similar.

Healthy digital ecosystems

Tangible and healthy data allows you to access to all of the information needed to make decisions, set a budget, predict and plan, and implement your programs, fundraising campaigns, and events. There’s no relying on memory or needing to recall a promise. Healthy data ecosystems are shared so employees can access, edit and enhance company data. Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox are a few examples of data ecosystems that countless healthcare companies use and depend on every single day.  When and if these fail or go down, valuable time and money are lost.

Consumer benefits

Data health also means you can offer a better experience for your advocates.  The digital version of that annual event is marketed and hyped for months on your website.  People who can’t attend can donate online. People are sharing your content with their contacts.  

Data must be healthy and healthy things promote growth.

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