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EnviroMerica FAQs

EnviroMerica Frequently Asked Questions

Who is EnviroMerica?

EnviroMerica® is a California-based company that has been simplifying waste management and regulatory compliance since 1999, starting with our consulting and training services and later expanding to provide medical waste transportation and disposal with the same high standards we’ve been known for.

Headquartered in Hayward, California – with offices in Long Beach, San Mateo, and Texas – we are continually expanding our service areas nationwide, with online compliance tools and complete regulated waste disposal services that fit your needs.

We ensure that physicians and dentists, laboratories, surgery centers, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations  are in compliance with the complex OSHA, HIPAA and medical waste disposal regulations. We also ensure that medical waste management is made simple and affordable, so that our clients can focus on what they do best.  EnviroMerica is the exclusive approved partner of choice for regulatory compliance and waste management by the California Medical Association (CMA).

Our management team has decades of industry experience in medical waste compliance and disposal, and is focused on simplifying not only your compliance needs, but on simplifying an otherwise overly complicated industry.

For more information, please see our About Us page or our Services Overview page.

What does EnviroMerica do?

EnviroMerica® simplifies compliance and waste management for healthcare by offering the industry’s only flat-rate services, including compliance tools, onsite training and inspections, and medical waste disposal. We protect you and your community from the hazards and liabilities of hazardous medical waste, and we simplify your business/practice by making compliance simple.

For more on our service offerings, see our Services Overview page.

How long has EnviroMerica been doing this? How much experience do you have?

EnviroMerica has been simplifying waste management and regulatory compliance since 1999, starting with our consulting and training services. Sixteen years later, thousands of medical and dental practices in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Colorado depend on us to stay in compliance with the many government agencies that constantly produce more and more complex regulations. In 2009, we expanded our services to provide medical waste transportation and disposal with the same high standards we’ve been known for.

Our management team [link to A4] has decades of industry experience in medical waste compliance and disposal.

What industries does EnviroMerica have specific expertise in?

EnviroMerica services hundreds of small- to medium-sized medical and dental facilities. This includes private practices, specialty groups, clinics, labs, surgery centers, and private hospitals. However, we have a wide range of experience in quite a number of medical industries:

Medical Offices
Urgent Care
Dental Offices & Labs
Birth Centers
Correctional Facilities
Police Departments
Crime Labs
Veterinary Facilities
Tattoo Parlors
Funeral Homes
Hospice Facilities
Nursing Homes
Mental Health Facilities
Rural Health Clinics
Biomedical Laboratories
Biotechnology Companies
Acupuncture Clinics

Why EnviroMerica? What is your advantage over the competition?

EnviroMerica offers three primary differentiators from our so-called competition:

  1. EnviroMerica gets it right. We are so sure that we can protect you and your community, that with our EnviroSafe™ Complete and Premiere packages, we offer EnviroMerica’s Guarantee Against Fines, which is the indemnification of your facility against monetary penalties imposed by OSHA resulting from any errors or omissions by EnviroMerica on all services and products provided for up to $2 million per incident.
  2. EnviroMerica simplifies your life. Our service offerings cover the entire gamut of waste management and compliance needs: an integrated online compliance portal, onsite waste management pickup and disposal, and our live training and inspections. In addition to our service offerings, we understand that our job is not just about removing medical waste or training you, it’s really about removing the complexity from medical waste management while being compliant with the most recent regulations. We know it’s our job to simply yours.
  3. EnviroMerica fits in your budget. Not only do we offer a customizable set of services that cover just about any industry’s medical waste management and compliance needs, but we are the first and only provider to do so with transparent, flat-rate pricing.

As a family-operated company driven by family values, we are also large enough to provide nationwide service, yet small enough that we can provide a high level of personalized service. The advantages are clear.

What is management’s background and experience?

EnviroMerica was founded and is led by Julian Goduci. For nearly 20 years, he has worked closely with healthcare firms of all sizes as a business and regulatory compliance and liability consultant. In doing so, he has become well-known industrywide for his expertise in practice management, regulatory compliance, accreditation, and medical waste management.

Our entire management team has decades of industry experience in medical waste compliance and disposal. Read more about them here.

Do I even need a compliance program?

If you deal with any medical waste whatsoever – or even potentially could create medical waste – then YES, you must have a compliance program. You are required to have a compliance program by federal laws, state laws, and the regulatory mandates of a wide variety of government agencies and local medical/dental boards. Noncompliance puts you not just at risk of heavy monetary penalties, but you could also be imprisoned or worse – you could expose yourself, your staff, or your family to the severe hazards of improperly handled medical waste.

Do I really need someone just to handle my sharps?

Small facilities may not always need regular onsite pickups. Many of our smaller clients are great candidates for our mail-back sharps disposal system, and can use our online interactive compliance portal to assure compliance in other areas. One of our experts can help you determine your needs. Please call EnviroMerica at 650.655.2045 or contact us.