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Mental Health Facilities

Mental Health Facility Waste Management and Compliance Specialists

Mental health facilities face complex challenges in managing their medical hazardous waste and compliance issues – from items and materials contaminated with blood or fluids, Other Potentially Infectious Materials, expired or partially used pharmaceutical waste, DEA controlled substances, other healthcare laboratory chemicals, and more. EnviroMerica simplifies mental health facility medical waste management and regulatory compliance needs with our simple, flat-rate hazardous medical waste consulting and training services, specifically designed for mental health facility needs.

How? We simplify medical waste management for mental health facilities in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Colorado and nationwide. Services include medical waste pickup, transportation, disposal, customized safety manuals and Safety Data Sheets (SDS), online or live training, access to online tools and documents, customizable service features, regulatory inspection protection, and even guaranteed protections against regulatory fines and penalties. This applies not just to mental health facilities and offices, but also to their associated clinics.

Mental health facilities trust EnviroMerica for hazardous waste management

So many mental health facilities trust EnviroMerica for our waste management and compliance solutions that we’ve been chosen to serve as the exclusive approved partner of choice for regulatory compliance and waste management by the California Medical Association (CMA) since 2013.

With this honor, EnviroMerica offers all CMA members special access and pricing to our wide array of programs including on-site consultations, inspections, training, and continued education. Call us toll free at 888.323.0583 or contact us today using the form on the right to get started.

Mental health facility waste management specialists

At EnviroMerica, we understand that it’s not just about safely removing medicine and medical waste from your mental health facility, it’s about removing the complexity from medical waste management while being compliant with the most recent regulations.

Mental health facilities can face complex waste management and compliance issues, needing compliance solutions and training for agencies like (the pink needs to be updated in the other documents and in the implemented copy as well, which we should do directly in WordPress): Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Office for Civil Rights (OCR), Radiological Health Branch (RHB), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of Pharmacy, fire departments, and many other lab and healthcare licensing boards.

EnviroMerica safely and legally disposes of a wide range of mental health facility biohazards, including items and materials contaminated with blood or fluids, Other Potentially Infectious Materials, expired or partially used pharmaceutical waste, DEA controlled substances, and other healthcare laboratory chemicals. In addition, we remove other mental health facility office waste such as fluorescent bulbs, alkaline batteries, and electronic waste. (Feel free to contact us with inquiries about specific needs for your office if not listed here.)

Find out more about our EnviroSafe™ program options for mental health facilities here.

Hazardous waste disposal and training solutions for mental health facilities

EnviroMerica is about more than just removing medical waste from mental health facilities and their associated clinics and offices. We remove the complexity from medical waste management. Please let us know how we can simplify your mental health facility needs. Call us toll free at 888.323.0583 or contact us today for a no cost evaluation and quote.