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Roya Ansari

Roya Ansari

Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member Roya Ansari brings nearly three decades of experience with sales management and business development through her work with Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups.

In 2000, Roya co-founded SiliconExpert Technologies to provide supply chain component management solutions. As Global Director of Sales and Business Development, Roya was instrumental in building alliances, creating global VARs, and generating sales revenue from a global OEM customer base to sustain the company’s operations. In addition, she assisted in management and infrastructure, helping lead to a successful merger and acquisition in 2012 by Arrow Electronics.

Roya co-founded Mozaik Multimedia in 2006, a technology company and a pioneer in content interactivity across all digital platforms. She led the company to a successful merger and acquisition in 2012, when the company was acquired by Rambus Technology.

Mozaik Multimedia’s vision and technology stemmed from Roya’s highly acclaimed program, Cultures in a Box. She created the interactive educational program for Belmont Oaks Academy in 2002, and the  success of Cultures in a Box led other schools, organizations, and community centers in Northern California to implement this program. Cultures in a Box received recognition from several publications, including Palo Alto Weekly, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury, Vision Magazine, and Epoch Times, as well as features on CBS and Comcast. Roya was honored to receive the “Woman of the Year Program” Award from California Senator Elaine Alquist for the tremendous positive impact her program offered to schools and communities.

Roya has contributed to several other technology companies in her career. As the Senior District Sales Manager at CMP Media, for example, she generated over $20 million in advertising revenue within four years, representing a 275% sales increase.

Roya earned her B.A. from Macalester College and received her International Baccalaureate from Aiglon College in Switzerland.