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Michael Tabib

Michael Tabib

Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member Michael Tabib brings three decades of expertise in healthcare and technology  business administration, sales, sales and business management, and consulting to EnviroMerica’s Advisory Board.

Michael is the consummate entrepreneur and professional. He served as Business Administrator for two large physician groups in Southern California from 1987 to 1992. Following this, he founded and led Safety Compliance Services, a healthcare regulatory compliance consulting firm in California. In 2007, after building the company to over 6000 clients, he  sold the company to a competitor for over $30 million.

While President of Safety Compliance Services, Michael participated in several startup technology companies as principal investor, and continues to do so.

In 1999, he invested in, an Internet gaming and entertainment company that was sold to Network Commerce for $50 million just one year later. In 2000, he became principal investor of Neopets Inc., another Internet gaming and entertainment company, which sold just three years later to Viacom for $165 million. And in 2003, he became principal investor of, an Internet ad agency, which sold two years later to for $20 million.

Since 2007, Michael has become an investor/board member of several additional projects, including:

  • GameWorks Entertainment/Jillians – a successful chain of 14 retail (sports, entertainment, arcade, and bowling) restaurants with over $40 million in annual revenue
  • Inspectograph (IOG) – an industrial manufacturer of tracking devices
  • Color Lab Imaging – a mailroom product manufacturer

Most recently, in 2011 he co-founded Viva Concepts, an innovative marketing company with manufacturing capabilities focused on healthcare, where he currently serves as a principal board member.

Michael earned his degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, as well as a Business Consulting degree from WISE College in Los Angeles, California.