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Julian Goduci

Julian Goduci

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

EnviroMerica’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer Julian Goduci is passionate about helping others simplify their lives. For nearly 20 years, Julian has worked closely with healthcare firms of all sizes as a  business and regulatory compliance and liability consultant. In doing so, he has become well-known industrywide for his expertise in practice management, regulatory compliance, accreditation, and medical waste management.

Prior to launching EnviroMerica in 1999, Julian ran the Northern California operations of Safety Compliance Services as Safety Director, General Manager, and Vice President. He provided excellent service to over 6,000 clients, 400 of which he personally recruited.

In 1999, seeing a significant need in the marketplace for simplifying medical waste management, Julian founded EnviroMerica, and continues to lead the company as CEO. A decade later in 2009 he rounded out the service offerings by forming EnviroSafe Medical Services, providing reliable, affordable medical waste transportation and disposal in conjunction with EnviroMerica’s compliance services.

After two years of meticulous design and planning, recently Julian oversaw the launch of EnviroMerica’s interactive compliance portal. This portal revolutionized the way that waste companies price their services by offering transparent pricing – a first in the industry – as well as opening EnviroMerica’s compliance offerings to customers nationwide and internationally.

In what may be one of his greatest accomplishments, Julian led EnviroMerica to be selected as the exclusive partner of choice for regulatory compliance and medical waste management by the California Medical Association (CMA). The highly competitive selection process demonstrated the strengths of EnviroMerica’s waste management and compliance services to this 37,000 physician-member organization, and their strong relationship continues to this day.

Julian’s continuing education expertise makes him the exclusive instructor (since 2006) to the San Mateo County Dental Society, as approved by the Dental Board of California. He continues to provide content education there, as well as to other medical and dental associations including dental specialists.

Julian’s education provides him a unique perspective on the human side of waste management and compliance. He studied Chemistry at West Virginia University, and also obtained an advanced degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from American Association of Christian Counselors. Furthermore, Julian has held a California insurance license, and has certifications in CPR and Hazardous Materials Management.

Julian is passionate about life, love, and service to humanity. He has long provided regular pro bono OSHA compliance training to graduating seniors at UC San Francisco School of Dentistry, and supports a wide range of charitable organizations.