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About EnviroMerica

About EnviroMerica, America’s Medical Waste and Compliance Experts

EnviroMerica® simplifies compliance and waste management for healthcare. We understand that it’s not just about removing medical waste, it’s about removing the complexity from medical waste management while being compliant with the most recent regulations.

As a family business, we are driven by family values. By ensuring the safe, environmentally-friendly disposal of medical service byproducts, we know that we aren’t just keeping your business safe, but we are also keeping our community safe. Furthermore, by making learning easy, pickups convenient, and disposal simple, we also know that we can keep more biohazards from our environment while supporting businesses both small and large. (We can even offer guaranteed compliance and inspection protection for your organization.)

We also believe in relationships. Due to our long history of excellent relationships, we’ve been honored to serve as the exclusive approved partner of choice for regulatory compliance and waste management by the California Medical Association (CMA) since 2013.


EnviroMerica’s long history of medical waste management and compliance services

EnviroMerica has been simplifying waste management and regulatory compliance since 1999, starting with our consulting and training services. Sixteen years later, thousands of medical and dental practices in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Colorado depend on us to stay in compliance with the many government agencies that constantly produce more and more complex regulations.

In 2009, we expanded our services to provide medical waste transportation and disposal with the same high standards we’ve been known for.

With over 18 years of compliance consulting experience prior to expanding into medical waste disposal, we understand the complexities, regulations, laws, and documentation that must be followed accurately to assure your safety and reduce liability.

Headquartered in Hayward, California – with offices in Long Beach, San Mateo, and Texas – we are continually expanding our service areas nationwide, with complete regulated waste disposal services that fit your needs.

The key to this continued growth has been our close relationships with our clients. We know that the quality of our work affects their business, the health and safety of their employees, patients, and families.

In serving these physicians and dentists, laboratories, surgery centers, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations nationwide, we’re ensuring that they are in compliance with the complex OSHA, HIPAA and medical waste disposal regulations. We are also ensuring that medical waste management is made simple and affordable, so that our clients can focus on what they do best.

We don’t just remove medical waste … we remove the complexity from medical waste management while in complete compliance with the local, regional, state and federal laws. How can we simplify your job? Please contact us for a no-cost evaluation and quote.

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